Macleay Valley 2016 Census facts

THE MACLEAY VALLEY: The typical Macleay Valley resident is a 47-year-old English speaking male or female.

THE MACLEAY VALLEY: The typical Macleay Valley resident is a 47-year-old English speaking male or female.

Suburb specific 2016 Census results reveal some interesting facts about the Macleay Valley and its 28, 885 people.

There is almost exactly 50 per cent men and 50 per cent women.

People from many countries inhabit the valley, with countries of birth including Australia, England, Scotland, Philippines, India, New Zealand, Fiji, Netherlands, China, Germany, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland and South Africa.

They adhere to a variety of religions including Anglican 6,390 or 22.1 per cent, Catholic 6,365 or 22 per cent, Uniting Church 1,701 or 5.9 per cent.

There is also a small number of Seventh Day Adventists and Buddhists..

However, 7,397 or 25.6 per cent do not subscribe to any religion and another 3,726 or 12.9 per cent simply chose not to state their religion.

3,353 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People live here, or 11.6 per cent of the total population.

The Macleay population is older than the rest of Australia with a median age of 47, compared to the Australian median age 38.

Every suburb in the Macleay had a higher median age than the national median.

The oldest suburbs are Yarrahapinni and Hat Head, both recording a median age of 57.

The youngest suburb is South Kempsey with a median age of 40.

The Macleay's people speak a variety of languages including Fijian, Maltese, Mandarin, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Tagalog, Thai, Filipino, German, Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Dhanghatti, Arabic, Sinhalese, Estonian, Czech, Afrikaans, French and Italian.

West Kempsey is the most populated suburb with 4919 residents and Clybucca is the least populated with 144 inhabitants.

Kempsey and Hat Head have the lowest number of people occupying each house on average at two.

Frederickton had the most people occupying each house on average at 2.7.

Clybucca residents are the Macleay's highest earners with a median household weekly income of $1,125.

However, Clybucca residents spend the second highest amount on monthly mortgage payments at $1,517.

Hat Head residents fork out even more on mortgage payments paying $1,550 per month.

Arakoon is the Macleay's most expensive suburb in which to rent with a median weekly rent of $350

Meanwhile up river in Bellbrook rent is cheapest at a median of $150.

Arakoon is also the most connected suburb with 84.9 per cent of dwellings able to access the internet on any device including smartphones.

Residents in the suburb of Kempsey surf the net the least with only 55.5 per cent having access on any device.

The 191 people of Willawarrin have the most motor vehicles per dwelling at 2.1.

People in the suburb of Kempsey have the least vehicles on average at 1.2 per household and 20.8 per cent of households prefering foot falcon with no vehicles. 

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