Netball grand final winners and award recipients

New champions: The Macleay Valley Netball Association had another successful season of competition. Photo: Penny Tamblyn.
New champions: The Macleay Valley Netball Association had another successful season of competition. Photo: Penny Tamblyn.

The Macleay Valley Netball Association held their junior and senior grand finals on Saturday and Saints Comets Haileys were victorious in a tight 32-28 battle in the first division decider with Natureland Thunder.

Saints trailed for the opening three quarters but they wore down the Thunder to finish the game strong.

It was a high quality match and spectators enjoyed a hard fought contest.

“Over all it was a great day with lots of netball played all in great spirit,” association publicity officer Sonya Murphy said

“Sportsmanship was shown by all teams and players in the juniors and seniors.

“There were plenty of players, hard working committee members and volunteers of the association who received awards to acknowledge their efforts for the year.”

Results and awards:

Netta players presented with participation medals 10's joint winners SC Stars and SWR Seahorses.

U11s grand final winners winners Crescent Head Seabirds, runners up SWR Seashells.

U12 Years Division, grand final score 20-12, winners Crescent Head Clownfish, runners up SWR Jellyfish.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Lily Farrell and Laura Buls.

U13 Years Division, grand final score 31-23, winners Crescent Head Pelicans, runners up Frederickton Fruit Loops.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Lewina Donovan and Lily Steward.

U14 Division, grand final score 33-12, winners SWR Sea Lion, runners up Crescent Head Stingers.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Sarah Buls and Renee Thorne.

Division 3, grand final score 31-25, winners Fredo Dizzy Dames, runners up SWR Rebels.  

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Tamara Keast and Lilian Walters.

Division 2B grand final score 33-30, winners SWR Sharks, runners up SWR Mermaids.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Zoe Beljaars and Marni Beljaars.

Division 2A grand final score 38-25, winners GO Sapphires, runners up Crescent Head Vipers.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs Robyn Mugridge and Allira Irvine

Division 1, grand final score 32-28, winners Saints Comets Haileys, runners up Natureland Thunder.

Mavin Truck Centre MVPs: Bindii Stirling-Kelly and Bridgett Plunkett. 

Family Award: Swan Family and Cameron Family.  Team Spirit Awards: Keneisha Lockwood, Reigan Beljaars, Mikayla Cameron, Zoe Beljaars, Marni Beljaars, Emily Terrasson, Jessica Terrasson, Taylah Iverach, Aneeka Reilly, Georgia Gaddes, Nakirra Brien, Kissane Walker, Rebecca Cotter, Olivia Cameron.

Townsend Family Junior Umpire Encouragement Award: Dana Dyet. Neita Matthews Umpire Encouragement Award: Sarah Lawrence. Coach of the Year: Erin Thorman (SWR). Club of the Year: South West Rocks. Ethel Smith Goal Shooting Division 1 Award: Rilee O'Loughliln. Pam Guyer Best and Fairest  Division 1 Award: Joint Winners, Erin Thorman and Lauren Watts. Outstanding Junior Member: Sarah Lawrence. Outstanding Senior Member: Kate Patterson.