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About Nine

Our unique creative voice, curiosity and talent make us Nine.

Nine is a people business. At the heart of what we do to create great content, distribute it broadly and engage audiences and advertisers are the incredible people who bring it all together. The unique traits of these people are collectively what forms our identity. Our identity is what makes us stand out from the others.

We are Nine - Where Australia Connects

Our identity serves as a guide. It informs how we do business and sets an expectation for the way we behave with each other. At the heart of our identity is passion, creativity and ambition. In all that we do, our belief in our brands and the pride of being part of Nine shines through.


We are passionate

We believe in Nine and celebrate our history and our future equally. We show it through our commitment, dedication and enthusiasm in everything we do.

We are creative

We will never settle. We challenge the status quo seeking the new, the different, the innovative, the ground-breaking. We make the impossible possible.

We are ambitious

We are the best at what we do. We push boundaries, are bold and unwavering. We are fearless, always with integrity.

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