Select St Joseph’s Primary School for your children’s education

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As a school of excellence, St Joseph’s Primary School, Kempsey offers all children individual attention, access to the latest technology and encouragement to instill a love of learning for life.

Developing and supporting our students’ is an essential part of St Joseph’s Primary School, according to Principal Melissa Turner.

“Each child has their own unique gifts and skills and St Joseph’s builds on each of their strengths. Our teachers are committed to supporting each student and meeting each individual at their point of need,” said Mrs Turner.

St Joseph’s Primary School offers a program to their students that engage them academically, spiritually, culturally, physically, and socially. 

“Primary School is a time that children learn about themselves and how they interact with the world around them,” said Mrs Turner.

Enrolments are open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and there is an induction program for new students to help ease them into their new school and to assist families at this important time.

Starting school is a big step and a time of great excitement. At St Joseph’s we aim to work with families to support your children to experience a positive start to formal schooling.

“Our school cherishes every individual, developing their creativity in problem solving, play and the world around them.

 “We welcome all parents to contact the school to find out more about how St Joseph’s can give your child the best start in school and life,” said Mrs Turner.

St Joseph’s Joeys Juniors Transition Program is a play based program that will take place on a Thursday morning from 9am-11am commencing in Term 3.

Children are placed in a group with their peers from their preschool and will have the opportunity to attend “big school” on a fortnightly basis.

Contact the school today to obtain an enrolment form and to make an interview for your child on: 6562 5501.