Game changes due to the rain

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Rain is what we so badly needed, but when it fell down on Tuesday last and also the day prior it caused pandemonium for the Kempsey Veterans Golf Club’s scheduled competition.

Being the first Tuesday of October members were to contest a 14-hole stroke event for the coveted Monthly Medal and our captain, Robert Dykes, with a couple of other officials ruled otherwise.

They had little alternative because just 19 or so players showed a willingness to compete and a simple single stableford was substituted. Rather disappointing really.

Weather permitting and a good roll-up this morning the medal round sponsored by the Kempsey Heights Bowling Club will go ahead.

Naturally if rain does come again the confusion, uproar and/or chaos - that's pandemonium by Universal Dictionary - won't occur because there are three more Tuesdays left in October.

Surely we'll strike one fine day, eh!

Must feel sorry for one player who overcame a disastrous first-up drive off the tee and recovered somewhat to register a good score of 20 points for the nine holes he contested.

Confusion reigned sort of when the word(s) came through down the grapevine that the round had been shortened five holes and it was truly chaos when play abandoned filtered down the line.

Yes, a few players went all the way even though the rain came down just after the start and oddly enough umbrellas were put down before the finish. There was word that the boss had pulled the pin (so to speak) after six holes.

How ardent a golfer was one figure - he'll remain anonymous - who braved the rain throughout and completed the entire round plus those four extra holes. Bob's a lefthander, he is!

And how about a truly good mate from Hat Head who was heading up after phoning through to book a cart and then ran into teeming rain and turned back for home.

Johnny did phone the Club again to express his feelings and in a gentlemanly way, too.

Our greenkeeper, Anthony Janson, is certainly wearing a wide smile now that the rains have come (so to speak) for he has just completed the annual course revitalisation.

"The greens we did early are already showing vast improvement and I reckon they will all be A1 in quick time," Anthony told me the other day.

Must give plenty of praise for the efforts of Anthony and his handful of eager volunteers who got through all the required work with the utmost finesse.

It's about time that some recognition was given these speciality workers and so, too, those mainly veterans who do simple tasks here, there and everywhere.

Please fellows do keep up the good know who you are, eh!

Today's stroke with a putting rider event for the October Monthly Medal gets underway at 9.30am and a warm welcome is offered all visitors to our Nature's Wonderland.

If the weather is a little dicey good advice is to give the Club a call on 65626291 and our starter, Brody (Clarke), will assure you a start.