Numbers increase for nippers season

The South West Rocks Surf Life Saving Club’s nippers numbers are looking strong ahead of the 2017-18 season.

You contact the club or Glenn Etheridge if you would like to sign your child up for nippers.

The first Nippers day is Saturday October 12 with a starting time of 9am. 

Patroling members proficiency is on Sunday October 22 at 9am at the Club House and down at the beach. 

North Coast Boat Series is kicking off on Saturday November 4 with a carnval at Minnie Water followed by a sweeps training course on Sunday November 5. 

Great start to the season with patrolling members being on the beach each weekend.

If you are interested in becoming a patrolling member or you are a previous member and would like to start patrolling again then please do not hesitate to contact the club, Michael Healey or Jason Rushworth for further details.