Residents meet with council over 19 units plan

Residents discuss their concerns over the proposed development on John Shaw Close with Councilor Anna Shields.
Residents discuss their concerns over the proposed development on John Shaw Close with Councilor Anna Shields.

RESIDENTS on John Shaw Close, Roy Sanders Street and Colonial Crescent held an information gathering session with councillor Anna Shields and two town planners on the proposed development at the end of their cul-de-sac at South West Rocks on Friday afternoon.

More than 20 locals attended with some voicing their concerns regarding privacy, increased traffic, lack of parking, environmental issues and the shadows caused from the two-storey buildings onto the houses on Colonial Cres, which could block their solar panels.

However, Bruce Gill, who lives at 3 Roy Sanders St, said at the meeting the biggest issue for the residents was the size of the proposed development.

“If it was 10 or 12 units across the three blocks and they were one storey then we wouldn’t have an issue, but 19 units and two storey buildings wouldn’t work in this street,” Mr Gill said.

His statement was met with comments of agreement and with nods of the head from the other residents at the meeting.

Architects Buck and Simple prepared the application on behalf of Boomerang SWR.

Buck and Simple architect director Kurt Crisp said they had addressed the privacy concerns and added five more car parking spaces than required by council controls.

Mr Crisp said the development proposal had a two-storey maximum on a site where three-storey development is permissible.

Terri Fisher, who lives in 3 John Shaw Cl, organised the gathering and was pleased with communication with Cr Shields.

“I emailed her on Monday night and from then on she has been on a fact finding mission for us, I couldn’t fault her or the other two ladies who came with her, even if we don’t get the outcome we want,” Mrs Fisher said.

“We are all thankful for their time and at least we can say we tried and our voices were heard.”

Cr Shields said the meeting was held to understand the concerns of the residents.

“The gathering was held to basically gather all the information we could from the residents,” Cr Shields said.

“It was great to see so many people turn out and voice their opinions on the proposed development.”

The development application for the proposed development of 19 units at 7-11 John Shaw Close, South West Rocks, is currently on exhibition and can be viewed at Council’s Customer Service Centre until Monday October 16.

Residents are encouraged to comment on the application by lodging a submission to council before Monday October 16.