Kempsey Rifle Club results

Kempsey Rifle Club Inc. Shooting Results 18/11/2017

9am to 11.30am .22 Benchrest Rimfire.

Neville  Hulbert  Memorial Shoot. Custom Class 

Conditions were very light giving some shooters trouble.

Ken managed the light conditions well in front to take home the trophy. 

Ken B. 596. Peter N. 591. Peter Q. 591. Brian B. 590.

Don G. 583. Steven P.581. 

Hunter Class Bill L.581. Dennis R. 573.

Animal Targets

Bill L. 120.6. Peter N. 110.10. Don G.100.4. Ken B 90.6.

Brian B.90.1. Dennis R. 60.1. Steven P.50.1.     

Working bee after the shoot