Letter to the editor: Cinema will keep our money local

KEMPSEY CINEMA: Artist's impression of post-cinema Kempsey CBD complex.
KEMPSEY CINEMA: Artist's impression of post-cinema Kempsey CBD complex.

Bunch of knockers

Regarding the cinema. Out come the knockers, five good reasons to say no, so you say.

Whatever could be good for our lovely town … out come the knockers! One was the airport, now it’s the cinema. What next?

Most of you knockers shop out of town and then complain our shops are closing down. Maybe now instead of going to the large cinema complex you attend, you might like to spend your money at our own beautiful cinema. I am sure looking forward to attending. It’s called progress.

Good on our councillors for giving it the yes!

Proud local.

Terrie Baker, Temagog

Key to economic growth

I am writing to voice my support for the Kempsey Cinema project which will provide our town with a first class multi-screen cinema and social hub. I have read a lot of negative letters and comments about the fact that the Kemspey Shire Council are investing $2m to make the project a reality.

They talk about how many jobs the cinema will provide and whether it will be a viable business. The way I see it, they are missing the point, the Kempsey Shire Council are not paying $2m to create 10 jobs they are investing $2m into the Kempsey Shire and making our town more attractive to draw people here and create economic growth.

It’s worth mentioning that the Kempsey Shire Council investment of $2m matches the Federal Government grant of $2m which can only be used as a cinema or social hub, it is a grant that must be used for that particular purpose in order to deliver social and economic benefits to our community.

The inevitable push out of Sydney has begun and we need to make sure Kempsey is not overlooked because we don’t offer the same facilities.


We have to make our town as attractive as possible to encourage people to settle here, to bolster our construction industry, to create job opportunities and to fill our empty shops.

A cinema is just as much a drawcard as our local pool, library and shops.

From a personal perspective I have children moving into the teenage years and I would love for them to have something to do in town on a weekend where they can meet friends, socialise, have a bite to eat and see a movie together.

Our tourist parks are full of families over the holiday periods who take their money elsewhere when it comes to rainy days. I too take my money elsewhere when I take my family out to the movies.

If we sit back and wait for someone to build a first class multi-screen cinema and social hub without the financial backing of council, which with it attracts a financial grant from the Federal Government, Kempsey may well be waiting a very long time.

We have this amazing opportunity here and now so I encourage people to show their support to council.

Simone Farrell, South Kempsey