Kempsey Driver Awareness Day shows students the darker side if the road

Over 100 Year 10 students from local schools had a wake-up call last week at the Kempsey Rotary Club’s Driver Awareness Day in Kempsey.

Students were confronted with the darker side of driving as SES, police and ambulance personnel performed a victim extraction operation at the scene of a ‘car crash’ at Kempsey Airport. The scenario was fake and carried out to show the students the challenges faced by emergency services when they arrive at the scene of a crash.

Police cornered off the crash scene while ambulance personnel attended to the ‘victim’ who had to be extracted from the car by cutting open the vehicle with a power saw. The students were given a step-by-step rundown of the complications that can occur during a rescue mission as emergency crew hurry to save crash victims.

Students were also taken out to the airport runway where police and RMS officials gave demonstrations on speeding. Students rode in a car travelling at 40, 60 and 80 kilometers per hour and were shown the time taken for a vehicle to stop after the brakes were applied.

“The aim of the day is to provide students with a greater understanding of the risks of driving and to assist them in making decisions which could impact either their own, or other’s, safety,” a spokesperson for the event told the Argus.

“Coastline Credit Union, Kempsey RSL Club, the Australian International Aviation College, Kempsey Shire Council and Busways helped to make the even happen.”