Operation Compliance cop crackdown leaves more than 1,000 fined

Officers from the State’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command issued more than 1,000 fines for mobile phone use, more than 300 for not keeping left and more than 500 defects in a one-day state-wide traffic operation yesterday.

The infringements were issued during Operation Compliance 5 which ran yesterday this Wednesday 29 November 2017, targeting dangerous driver behaviour.

During the operation, officers continued to see people disobeying the law, with officers issuing 1,047 infringements for mobile phone offences, 306 infringements for people not keeping left, and 561 infringements for defective vehicles.

Commander of the Traffic & Highway Patrol, assistant commissioner Michael Corboy said yesterday’s operation should serve as a warning for all drivers of the risks on our roads.

“Despite the numerous warnings and obvious dangers to drivers and innocent road users, the message not to text and drive is just not getting through.

"In a single day, officers issued more than 1,000 infringements to people who made the selfish choice to use their phone while driving.

“It is also disturbing to see so many vehicles that are not roadworthy still out on our roads, putting drivers and other innocent road users at risk.

“We have already lost 354 lives on NSW roads this year and the greatest tragedy is that many deaths were avoidable if people took responsibility for their actions and for the maintenance of the vehicles they are driving,” Mr Corboy said.