Kempsey council increases number of ‘No Parking’ spaces

To support local residents to more easily access medical facilities, shops and commercial premises in our busy business districts in Kempsey and West Kempsey, Council has recently added to the number of ‘No Parking’ spaces available.

The extra spaces are to improve services for people who have limited mobility or need a quick pick up or set down without parking.

This will make doing business in our CBDs safer and easier, particularly for the elderly or disabled.

Strict NSW government regulations in place allow a vehicle to stop in a ‘No Parking’ zone for up to two minutes. The driver must remain within three metres of the vehicle. The time limit is extended to five minutes if the vehicle is displaying and transporting a ‘Mobility Parking Permit’ holder.

Council asks drivers and pedestrians to be aware of the new parking conditions, and to be respectful of others in using the ‘No Parking’ spaces correctly.

Year end presentations

The lead up to Christmas is a busy but wonderful time of year, and I’m privileged to be invited to many of the festive functions and end-of-year award presentations held across our shire. It’s not possible for me to attend them all, so I appreciate the help of my fellow councillors to support as many community events as we can.

Each year we are impressed by the achievements of our students, the dedication of our teachers, and the hard work and commitment of so many committee members and volunteers who give of their time and energy to make our valley a great place to live.

It’s also a chance for us to meet with the community and talk about the things that are important to you, and we value your ideas and feedback. 

I would like to say thank you for all the conversations we have had throughout the year, the ideas we have shared, and particularly for the courtesy and warm welcome I have received when visiting schools, organisations and community groups across the Macleay.

Fines apply: Council increases number of 'No Parking' spaces available in Kempsey and West Kempsey.

Fines apply: Council increases number of 'No Parking' spaces available in Kempsey and West Kempsey.