Parking rangers on watch in Kempsey

Timed parking zone on Elbow Street, West Kempsey.
Timed parking zone on Elbow Street, West Kempsey.

After years of taking advantage of not having rangers, Kempsey locals must now abide by timed parking zones.

In a letter circulated among Kempsey businesses, council announced that rangers will be actively enforcing timed parking restrictions in the local area, including zones located on Tozer Street and Elbow Street.

Most of the zones allow a maximum of one or two-hour parking.

For employees of local businesses who require longer amounts of parking time, there are unrestricted parking zones available on the southern side of Tozer Street and in River Street, the council letter advised.

“Now that the community is far more aware of the arrangements, council rangers will be actively policing the times restriction. If anyone involved in your business does require parking, please encourage them to use the unrestricted parking,” the letter stated.