Slim Dusty Centre calls for a helping hand

Slim Dusty staff
Slim Dusty staff

The Slim Dusty Centre is calling on any locals who are community minded and would like to be part of the centre’s volunteer team.

From gardeners to waiters to retail staff and museum attendants, there is a range of ways volunteers can help out and can also choose when they want to work.

The centre needs shop-front staff for the Slim Dusty gift shop and museum attendants that can meet and greet visitors who travel from far and wide.

Volunteers can also work at the front desk and act as a guide to visitors for each of the exhibitions that are ever-changing in the centre’s Nulla Nulla gallery.

Dusty’s Dinner Camp Café has become a meeting place for mates to catch up over a cuppa and volunteer wait staff are needed.

The presentation of the grounds is an important feature and volunteers are needed for mowing, whipper snipping, weeding and some general cleaning and handyman tasks.

In October each year extra volunteers are needed we need extra volunteers to assist at the Kempsey Showground with the Slim Dusty Country Music Festival. ​

For all enquiries, please phone the Slim Dusty Centre on 02 6562 6533.