Macleay District Pony Club Awards

PONY PALS: Members of the Macleay Valley Pony Club showing off their end-of-year major awards.
PONY PALS: Members of the Macleay Valley Pony Club showing off their end-of-year major awards.

The Macleay District Pony Club held its presentations and Christmas party last Sunday.

The club also elected a new committee who are excited about the direction in which it is moving.

This year registered membership grew from two to 16 and this number is expected to increase again in the new year.

“We’re looking to grow the club,” Macleay District Pony Club president Darren Sutherland declared.

Mr Sutherland said the children absolutely love spending time with their horse and great friends.

Macleay’s pony club is part of the NSW Pony Club Association’s zone 9 which encompasses the area between Nabiac and Dorrigo.

The boys and girls compete for points and trophies against rival clubs at gymkhanas held regularly within the zone. Points are accumulated across the year and the major awards presented accordingly. Members also meet at the Kempsey Showground on the first Sunday of each month to practise the various disciplines.

Events include rider class, hacking, barrel racing, flags, bending and synchronised teams.

In the rider class, competitors are judged on their riding skills, technique and form. Hacking is basically a less-elaborate type of dressage in which the equine is assessed for its form. While barrel racing sees the riders race through a course marked out by barrels, and bending involves weaving through pegs on horseback without knocking them over.

In the flags’ event five flags are placed at designated distances. Competitors must ride to the first flag, grab it and return to the start line, before retrieving the second flag and so on. Finally, teams of four riders take part in an event which judges them on synchronisation.

Pony club, which caters for people aged 3-25, is seeking more members. You don’t need to own a horse, though access to one is essential. 2018 sign-up day is February 4. Registration costs $120, which covers one child ($80) and parent/guardian ($40). An adult supervisor must register with each child.

For more info contact Darren Sutherland on 0429 409 038 or see the Macleay District Pony Club Facebook page.

2017 Major Award winners

Associate Champion: Kimberly Hatchman

Senior Champion: Gabbie Farr

Senior Reserve Champion: Maddison Trappel

Junior Champion: Ruby Trappel

Junior Reserve Champion: Issy Sutherland

Best Presented: Kimberly Hatchman

Most Improved: Issy Sutherland

15 Years of Membership: Gabbie Farr