Crescent Head, Big Hill Trail fire gets too close for comfort | Photos

The Crescent Head fire near Big Hill Trail got too close for comfort for some locals.

Residents at the Goolawah Co-operative village spent yesterday afternoon preparing for the worst with some packing their bags ready to evacuate.

Speaking to the Argus, Goolawah resident Peter O’Hara said residents had their bags ready to go.

“The fire came up from the south and we watched it all day - we were preparing, people were going around doing last minute cleaning up and we have our own little fire truck which we got ready.


“People were on alert and then when the RFS raised the alert level we were getting nervous.

“By early evening the fire had burnt right up to the southern edge of our place so probably a few hundred meters from the first house on our property

“No one was panicking, but we had our bags packed.”

Rain last night helped to ease the blaze which has now been downgraded to Advice level.