Kempsey Shire Council: Flood not to blame for wharf closure

The timber wharf at Riverside Park, adjacent to the playground, is currently closed while quality improvements are undertaken.

The recent minor flooding didn’t damage the wharf and isn’t the reason for this current upgrade work.

The construction of the wharf was undertaken by an external contractor and like any building project involving a contractor, there is a period of time around completion when Council can inspect the work and identify any defects that must be fixed at the contractors expense.

A number of quality issues had been identified during inspections of the wharf. It was initially completed and opened to the public for the summer period using temporary pine timbers.

Replacement and upgrade is now underway, using the appropriate hardwood with the wharf closed during these works to ensure maximum public safety.

Council has however been concerned about recent vandalism to the wharf and most recently, vandalism to public bins in Riverside Park after two were set on fire and burnt out.

This is disappointing as fixing vandalism and damage to public property takes away much needed funds from other services Council can deliver for the Shire.

The Riverside Park public wharf was funded through the NSW Government’s Boating Now Program.

Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy access to the wharf again when it is reopened on April 18. Council thanks the community for their patience during this time.