Migration Heritage Exhibition at Kempsey

THE MACLEAY Valley has a rich migrant heritage and the Kempsey Museum has a nationally significant photographic collection that illustrates this proud past.

In addition, the museum has many oral and written stories to offer the public a rich and rewarding experience.

The Migration Heritage Exhibition will be on display at the museum, 62 Lachlan St, South Kempsey, from April 18 through to May 29. 

The Macleay Valley has had migration and settlement from German, Indian, Lebanese, Syrian, Italian, Dutch, Greek, West Indian and Maltese families. Their stories include the internment of German families at Trial Bay in 1915 and the post-1950 migration of European migrants.

They also include the dislocation of Aboriginal people, the traditional owners, and their hidden histories which are also an important part of the migration story.

Many of the Macleay’s migrants were early hawkers, shop proprietors who established greengrocers, and those who opened haberdashery shops, menswear, mercery, ladieswear, cafes and tearooms and milk bars.

This exhibition will display photographs drawn from the nationally significant and highly valuable Angus McNeil Photographic Collection and stories compiled from local and other records.