Paddle the Clybucca Wetlands big day out

SAVE Our Macleay River Inc invites all to the Paddle the Clybucca Wetlands on Saturday May 26, sponsored by North Coast Local Land Services.

Registration starts at 9.30am at the Clybucca floodgates – see map above.

There is no registration fee and lunch will be provided.

People will need to bring their own craft and Personal Flotation Device.

Guest speakers will include Max Osborne, from Local Land Services, and Russell Yerbury, a former beef producer from Clybucca.

This event will showcase the environmental issues associated with the drainage of the Collombatti-Clybucca Wetlands.

The field day will begin at the Clybucca floodgates, and participants will explore the Clybucca Creek waterway to get an appreciation of the scale of the issues.

The community will discover what North Coast Local Land Services are doing about trying to improve the fish habitat.

North Coast Local Land Services is leading the development of a remediation strategy to address the causes of poor water quality emanating from Clybucca back swamp (which includes Mayes and Doughboy swamps) into the Clybucca Creek section of the Macleay Estuary.

Funding for this project is provided from the Department of Primary Industries Fisheries ‘Flagship Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Grant’ program.

The University of New South Wales - Water Research Laboratory, has been contracted to prepare the remediation strategy.

This event will not replace the annual Paddle on the Macleay to be held in September.

Remediation of the Clybucca Floodplain should lead to improved conditions for aquatic life such as oysters and fish.

The floodplain will be the subject of a $365,000 research and community engagement project.

The project will deliver a remediation strategy, complete with engineering design options to improve water management across the floodplain.

DPI Fisheries manager Charlotte Jenkins said the research scope is multi-focused, aiming to provide plans that will incorporate improvements to the current drainage network.