NRL’s banter king heads to the Rocks

Rugby League’s CEO and legendary players have raved about it, one fan passed out from laughing so hard (true story) and comedy lovers with no understanding of the sport have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Following four years of great success and rave reviews from Sydneysiders and footy aficionados alike, Rugby League The Musical will arrive in South West Rocks on Friday August 17.

The performance held at the South West Roxy is written, produced and performed solely by well-known sports and political satirist Denis Carnahan. 

The Musical is based upon his belief that Rugby League is an exceptional pantomime. 

The two Act show, with complimentary oranges at the bar at half time, is broken up into sections on pantomime villains, conspiracies, controversies, heroes and super villains.

Each section is presented by a different host; a caricature of a rugby league characters performed by Carnahan with old favourites like The Head Taped Hero - Wayne “Junior” Pearce and The NRL’S favourite Grand Final Entertainer Billy Idol. 

This year Denis is thrilled to announce new hosts including former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and Referee Boss Bernard Sutton

Viewers will hear Carnahan’s famous music as well as completely new songs about whatever has happened in rugby league that week, making Rugby League The Musical a great sideshow to the main show.

Tickets are $35 or $25 depending on venue.

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