Clean up continues on the dunes | Photos

“I’m absolutely stoked” was the response by NPWS ranger Penny Kendall when she surveyed the results of the work undertaken by the Crescent Head-Point Plomer Dune Care group during their July session. Ranger Cath Ireland was similarly effusive and the 22 people who contributed were pretty proud of their efforts.

Working to the north of the Delicate Nobby campground, one could have been forgiven for thinking it was a World Cup of bush care with the Waves Campground contributing some of their campers that came from the USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The Hat Head Dune Care group stalwarts were there again and may thanks to them for making the trip south. Being school holidays a couple of local youngsters joined in as well. Thanks Watson kids.

The attack on bitou bush, lantana and senna was extended to having to tackle an invasive West Australian wattle that, despite being native to parts of Australia, can quickly become dominant over all other vegetation and some of the trees encountered were testimony to that. NPWS will have to return with chain saws to tackle the biggest specimens.

The morning tea was again a highlight and praise to all the bakers that contributed their scrummy offerings.

The August work session will see a change of location and the group will concentrate their effort at Big Hill. The trail through the bush from the Big Hill beach carpark has some easy pickings of bitou seedlings, among others, and it is thought that a follow up to previous attempts at keeping the trail weed free will be most productive. Come along on August 14 and join the morning fun.

Further information can be obtained from Graeme on 0424 656-479 or email