Student inventors

Rhy Hoschke, Joshua Bennett, Joaquin Lecciones, Abigail Hammond and Ellia Baywood
Rhy Hoschke, Joshua Bennett, Joaquin Lecciones, Abigail Hammond and Ellia Baywood

YEAR 6 students from Kempsey Adventist School have developed a flood alert system that will monitor rising flood waters at Rudders Lagoon.

The students are competing in the Young ICT Explorers competition in Sydney this week and will be presenting their invention to a panel of judges.

The competition’s aim is to inspire and encourage school students to consider ICT (information and communications technology) as a career choice and gain a greater understanding of the possibilities available through technology. 

The five year six students, Rhy, Joshua, Jaoquin, Abigail and Ellia, have been working with the local NSW SES to design and create the flood monitoring device.

May Gill from the Kempsey SES said she is amazed by the students invention. 

“I’m very proud of these kids, everyone should be. This will change how we monitor floods and will save time when evacuating,” Ms Gill said.

The device is run by solar power and a sensor monitors the rising water in 30 second intervals, the readings increase when waters rise quicker. 

The students are also currently working on designing a website and also an app that will allow the monitor to send alerts to the school so they can evacuate in time.

This invention will not only assist the school, which can be cut off during a flood, but also the wider community including Crescent Head.

“It will assist local areas around the school and local creeks,” Abigail said.

Ms Gill agreed and said a number of residents are affected by floods in the area. 

“Around 5000 people are inconvenienced by Rudders Lagoon when it floods,” she said. 

Deputy Principal of Kempsey Adventist Primary School, Vanessa Baywood, said she is proud of the students and the amount of work they put into the project.

“Their willingness to learn and grow is amazing and I’m very proud of their dedication and devotion to their work,” she said.

The students will present their invention to the judges of the Young ICT Explorers competition in Sydney tomorrow.

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