Macleay Hay brings some relief

Convoy of trucks delivering the hay. Photo: The Macleay Hay Run
Convoy of trucks delivering the hay. Photo: The Macleay Hay Run

Sunday saw 300 bales of hay as well as three utes and two trailers loaded with food and dog food travel from the Macleay to the Hunter Valley.

The convoy of eight trucks made the five hour journey from Kempsey to help our struggling farmers affected by drought.

Organiser of the Macleay Hay Run, Josh Ball, said the conditions in the Hunter are devastating.

“It’s very dry out there, it’s just devastating to see that,” he said.

“The people out there were so greatful for what the Macleay, as a community, had done. It was such a warm welcome, they were waiting for us and offered us beers. They were so appreciative.”

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The hay, purchased with the funds raised by the community, was allocated to around 30 farmers.

“It makes you feel good to see their smiles and how happy they are to receive the donated feed,” Mr Ball said.

Helping our farmers. Photo: The Macleay Hay Run

Helping our farmers. Photo: The Macleay Hay Run

Aussie Helpers allocated all of the hay and each farmer was given around 10 bales.

Another truck stacked high with Macleay hay left yesterday morning for McCulleys Gap and another 200 bales will head off to Gunnedah this weekend. 

“It hasn’t slowed down. We’re got around 700 bales over the next few weeks to move,” Mr Ball said.

Altogether, the Macleay community has raised close to $60,000 in the past few weeks to go towards purchasing more feed and water.

The Macleay Hay Run would like to thank the community as a whole, the truck drivers, farmers and anyone who has donated or given up their time to help make it all happen.

“This is a community effort, if it wasn’t for everyone helping out we wouldn’t be able to do this,” Mr Ball said.

The Macleay Hay Run is working with Aussie Helpers, to find out how you can help visit 

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