Massive haul of 180kg of fish weighed in | Photos

Coming into spring, given the general fishing conditions lately and the continuing calm conditions and 50 years or so of fishing experience in the area a rather ordinary result was expected for the Seabreeze Beach Hotel Fishing Club’s latest competition.

But, as it turned out, the results proved to be somewhat of a standout with a total of 180kg being presented to the weigh master. After a month or so of settled weather the nor-easter kicked in on Friday afternoon gathering a full head of steam as it became dark. Sometime during the night, it all went away, back to a billiard table surface for the weekend.

The especially suited the outside fishers and with an increase in the number of boats in the Club over the last year or so there were some nice specimens brought in from the deep blue as can be seen from the following results.

Amber Rowe was rewarded for getting up early and going to sea with dad by picking up the largest other for a junior with a Yellow Tail Kingfish of 3.435kg as well as being named Junior Outside Angler of the Month with two species. Dad, Grant, was not left out of the picture, taking out Senior Outside Angler of the Month with a credible 7 species.

As part of a very respectable catch Ian “Krazy Kat” Reid caught the largest Mulloway with a 13.73kg specimen. Other prize takers in the outside section were Dave Riddel with a 1.255kg Pearl Perch; Greg Allen with a 1.3kg Venus Tusk Fish; Graeme Taylor with a 5.22kg Snapper and lady angler Heather Osborne with a 1.125kg Snapper.

It is good to see a bit of resurgence in the number of boats involved in the Club’s outings because in the early days the Club was composed of mainly blue water anglers.

The calm conditions also attributed to every aspect of the beach, rock and estuary section of the competition and there were plenty of fish, mostly Bream and Tailor brought to the weigh-in table.

Pat Halverson gave them all something to chase with eight species (last month it was 10!) to take out Senior Inside Angler of the Month. Among Pat’s catch was a 4.9kg Mulloway that added to his tally for the competition. Congratulations Pat.

Mr and Mrs Ford, Mark and Jo, made it a quinella with 1.160kg and 1.020kg Tailor respectively. To give you an idea of how far Mark can cast a lure, he lost a lure with his initials on it and it was found on Lord Howe Island.

Damien Ashley received the award for Luderick with an 835gm specimen while Margaret Wright won the lady’s section with 780gm specimen.

At our recent AGM, the re-elected President, Bob Nips, made a “presidential decree”, “It’s about time I won something”. Well, he did, Bob had the largest Bream with an 800gm fish.

Apart from this frivolity, the fact that he walked to and from the island at Korogoro and he came out with this Bream, we’ll let him have it. Tiana Gee caught a 575gm Bream to win the lady’s section.

This month, juniors were conspicuous by their absence. We hope they were off playing football or at Sculptures at the Gaol or some such and not sitting at home pressing buttons.

In the last decade or so the Club has enjoyed ongoing success mainly due to a dedicated committee. At the recent Annual General Meeting a few new faces were added. John and Jo Monsell and Kevin Walker joined the committee. At the AGM, Bill Gaynor, a long-time member and active committee member, who passed away recently, was awarded posthumous Life Membership of the Club.

Our next competition will be September 1 and 2.