Kempsey dancer Soleil Szita gets invited to World Dance Championships

Savannah Stever

Savannah Stever

Vogue Performing Arts Academy students Savannah Stever, Luka Wintersheidt and Soleil Szita have recently returned from competing in the Starpower International Dance competition in Brisbane last weekend and they all secured amazing results.

Starpower International Dance competition is an American-run event held once a year in Australia specifically to find the best Australian dancers and issue scholarships and invitation to the world dance championships.

It is always very tough competition at Starpower with dancers coming from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to compete for places and scholarships..

It was Savannah’s first year competing at Starpower and she managed two first places. As well as an entertainment award and she earned the second highest score in the junior category. 

Soleil Szita and Luka Wintershiedt

Soleil Szita and Luka Wintershiedt

Luka received two first places and a third, as well as an entertainment award in the intermediate teen category. 

Soleil performed three routines and received three first places. In her elite advanced division, Soleil placed fourth overall and received an entertainment award. This was Soleil’s third year attending Starpower, and she has always done very well. However this is the first time where she has received an invitation to the world dance championships. And she also received a scholarship to do so.

This is a huge achievement as only four invitations were issued out of the whole competition, and only two scholarships were given. 

Vogue Performing Arts Academy principal Karine Szita was extremely proud of her dancers.

“It is very brave of them to put themselves out there and compete at this international event, where you will find the best dancers from Australia and New Zealand vying for these coveted awards and scholarships and of course invitations to the World Dance Championships,” Ms Szita said.

“All three of my students train at least 12 hours per week if not more. They work extremely hard to achieve these kind of results. It is a huge credit to them to have achieved these results."

Ms Szitawas also awarded a choreographer award at the competition for her Lyrical choreography of Luka Wintershiedt’s solo routine. One of only four awarded at the competition which spanned two days and saw over 130 acts. 

"To be awarded a choreography award, in such a high standard at an international competition is truly humbling. I am very grateful, but the accolades have to go to my amazing students who make my choreography come alive on stage," Ms Szita said.

"It is always a proud moment when regional dancers are acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. These results clearly show you do not have to be in a capital city to have access to great training and choreography. I always encourage my students to work hard and follow their dreams." 

Vogue performing Arts will now fundraise to allow Soleil to attend and compete at the World Dance championships next year in Florida.

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