Letter: Attracting potential residents and business owners

COUNCIL is to be congratulated with the launch of the promotional guide to attract potential residents and business owners, together with the adoption of the recommendation to establish the Macleay Valley Economic Development and Tourism Committee.

The mayor Liz Campbell has said: “Economic growth is something council is working towards for the area and council does place a high priority on growing our economy, enhancing our community’s lifestyle and advancing quality employment opportunities”.

The upgrade of the Pacific Highway involving the bypass of the Kempsey CBD, together with the downturn in the overall economy, has had a significant impact on the business centre.

The NSW Nationals (August 17) advised there will be a massive investment ($100m) in regional tourism.

Will the Macleay Valley benefit from this investment?

When will promotional signs be provided at the south and north interchanges directing the attention of motorists to Kempsey (similar to that at Macksville)?

The mayor is correct, highway travel times are now significantly shortened between Kempsey and Port Macquarie to the south and Coffs Harbour to the north.

There is little doubt that now, even more of the residents of the Macleay are taking advantage of the opportunities available at Port Macquarie, with the vastly improved access.

One can only wish council every success with the application of the promotional guide.

John Bowell OAM, South Kempsey.