Letter to the editor: Bye, bye coal

THE AUSTRALIAN Energy Market Operator is the Commonwealth government body in control of Australia’s energy supply network. In July they released the 100-page Integrated System Plan, which is easily available online, which shows the results of an extensive study of the cheapest way to produce Australia’s electricity into the future.

They found that the cheapest method is a mixture of solar, wind, battery storage, hydro electric storage and a flexible system of gas powered generation. New coal power generation was not considered because it is now too expensive.

The most striking feature of the report is that with the continuing fall in the price of renewable energy it is now the cheapest of all forms of energy production in Australia, and the continuing fall in the cost of production is expected to continue into the future.

The old concept that a base load of coal generation was critical for constant supply was not considered as being either necessary or cost effective.

Unfortunately we will still be subjected to the irrational vocal propaganda from a few politicians, radio shock jocks, and ads from coal interests groups, who will pretend this report does not exist.

Kevin Wilkinson, Arakoon.