Locals art on display at Macleay Valley Community Gallery

Petal and Stone, Feather and Bone is the culmination of creative efforts of three friends, local artists Elizabeth Macdonald and Karen Pike and Lynden Jacobi from Newcastle and it will be on display at Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery from Wednesday October 17 to October 28.

Inspired by nature, all works follow a similar thread of treasures found in the wild.

Elizabeth's intricate flora and fauna studies in watercolour are complemented by the bold, colourful glass works of Lynden.

A cross Karen's works, her confidence and connection with varied materials unite her unique jewellery, ritual objects and free-spirited sketches. Together, this exhibition is dynamic, varied and grounded.

Elizabeth MacDonald is a local artist working from Gladstone. An avid gardener and lover of plants, she has painted a collection of birds, blooms and bugs found locally.

Her studio is open for people wanting to try watercolour painting for the first -me, as well as more advanced students looking to refine their practice.

Her weekly classes and weekend workshops are very popular, with students coming from across the Macleay and Hastings.

Karen Pike is an established artist with over 20 years of exhibitions under her belt. Esoterically inspired jewellery, unique ritual objects and an extensive body of painting and mark-making define Karen’s practice.

Natural elements and a sense of spirit unite her broad range of expression with silver, stone, bone, antler, feather and leather used in her jewellery and objects while her drawings and paintings embrace her love of birds, the sea and the sky.

Lynden Jacobi is a nomadic artist who trawls the Australian coastline in search of inspiration and calm.

After selling her woodwork business just a few years ago, Lynden’s practice has shifted from native members to a variety of mediums, predominantly painting landscapes and creating vibrant, brightly coloured glass sculptures.

Like Elizabeth and Karen, Lynden captures the beauty of the great outdoors in her work, symbolising a deep connection with nature.

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