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Do you need new tyres? Use the checklist below to find out.

  • Check your tyre tread: Make sure your tyre tread doesn't go below the legal 1.5mm limit.
  • Check the wear indicator bars moulded into the tyre tread. If the wear indicator bars are visible or the tread has become invisible in places it's time to get a new set of tyres.
  • Avoid scuffing and hitting kerbs when parking your car.
  • Remember, front tyres on a four-wheel drive car wear two times faster than the rear tyres.
  • Check your tyre pressure: Under- or over-inflated tyres will cause wear to your tyres and use more fuel.
  • Check air pressure every two weeks when the tyres are cool as you will get a more precise reading.
  • Maintain the recommended tyre pressures at all times.