Kempsey Rifle Club weekly results

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

 Kempsey Rifle Club Inc. Shooting Results 7/10/2017

9am to 11.30am .22 Benchrest Rimfire.

Custom Class 

Peter N. 596. Ken B. 591. Peter Q. 589. Brian B. 587. Steven P.574. 

Junior Custom  Luke C.582.

Hunter Class

Bill L. 579. Dennis R. 574. Treve C. 550. Neil T. 548.

Animal Targets

Peter N.1206. Neil T. 100.7. Brian B.100.6. Bill L. 90.2. Ken B 80.4.

Luke C.80.2.  Steven 50. Treve C. 40.1.  

The call from the range officer to halt shooting is becoming a regular event as Magpies.  

Kookaburras and Kangaroos ignore the shooting and make use of the range. 

Long Range Center Fire 400Y

F/Class Peter N. 119.11

Prone Les 99.13. Ian P. 93.6 Brett M.93.6