Kempsey Cinema: participate in the Argus straw poll

There has been much debate following the recent announcement that council will move ahead with the construction of the Kempsey Cinema project.

We’ve been surveying readers unofficially to get a feel for what some people think about the Kempsey Cinema project.

Take a look at some of the arguments put forward recently:

Participate in the Argus straw poll below:

At this stage, locals are awaiting the publishing of the  Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) by council at which time the community will have a minimum of 28 days to lodge submissions on the agreement.

The main arguments regarding the cinema project that were raised by councillors at last week’s council meeting included:

  • Cr Leo Hauville argued that the cinema project is “not convincing” and that the money could be better invested elsewhere. 
  • Cr Mark Baxter and Cr Anthony Patterson argued that the project is a strong long-term investment that will bring hundreds of people to Kempsey and contribute to community progression and development.
  • Cr Anna Shields said she is strongly ‘for’ a cinema in Kempsey but opposed the idea of giving $2 million to a “private company that doesn't need it when it could be used in so many other areas in our community.”