Getting Kempsey on the government agenda

The role of mayor sees me advocating for the Macleay Valley across many forums.
The role of mayor sees me advocating for the Macleay Valley across many forums.

AS a group of councillors we’ve made a commitment to talk positively about Kempsey and the Macleay and to work on making sure the services and the support we get from other levels of government is comparable to our neighbours and similar towns in NSW.

Under the NSW Local Government Act, the role of mayor is a part-time position and like the councillor positions, comes with an expectation of many extra volunteer hours.

By actively choosing to be a mayor who celebrates and promotes our Valley and advocates for us in front of other decision makers, I’ve added significantly to those hours and often spend time away from the Valley.

The start of 2018 has been extremely busy in this advocacy and representative work.

As an executive member the NSW Country Mayors’ Association, I attend meetings with mayors and general managers from across NSW. This means I can consistently give the Macleay a voice and be involved in discussions with State and Federal Ministers, Shadow Ministers, government agencies and organisations that interact with regional communities.

As chair of the Mid North Coast Group of Councils (MIDROC) it is my role to work with our neighbouring councils to undertake advocacy, leadership and collaboration for our region, and make sure Kempsey Shire has its part to play in the growth of our region.

As reported at the February Council meeting, this week I have the pleasure of representing our council at the Annual Local Government NSW Tourism Conference in Parkes.

With my professional experience in the tourism industry and contacts across local and State Government I’m confident of being able to highlight the significance of our local tourism industry.

The role of mayor is varied and often challenging. But being able to represent the Macleay, present a positive view of what we are delivering and the opportunities we have for the future of our Valley, makes the role extremely rewarding.