Macleay Valley Food Bowl presents for Seniors Week

THEY say that you shouldn’t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food – but nanna would have approved of all that was on show at a tasting fair at Kempsey this morning.

As part of the Seniors Week festivities in the shire, tables of treats produced by the Macleay Valley Food Bowl initiative were rolled out for the test.

And pass with flying colours they did – with honeys, condiments, garlic and pies just like nanna used to make getting the thumbs up.

Council community project officer Marilyn Green said this was the first such Food Bowl event for Seniors Week, and unfortunately a number of the producers could not be present, but council was happy to fly the flag on their behalf.

The hour-long tasting was run in the council offices quadrangle, and Marilyn said if you missed out, the producers had a regular presence at both the Riverside and Gladstone markets.


Among those present at the Seniors Week showcase were: Bee Infused, Fredo Pies, Westview Limes, Blueberry Greens, Garlic Farmacy and Songbird Hill Garlic.

Enjoy the gallery.