Letters to editor: Port, we are a hop, skip and jump away

“Sitting in an armchair.” I wish. After hard mornings’ golfing, fishing, kayaking or consulting, I knock off to grab a quick sandwich and cup of tea and then out again to expose the myriad of hypocrisy, misinformation and half-truths that abound in modern society. Keeps me on my toes and on my feet!

Anyone who has developed business plans from first principles would know that the bottom line, be it revenue or profit, is a projection based on reasonable assumptions which hopefully have been gleaned from relevant empiric data. At best, the degree of accuracy can be no better than plus or minus 30 per cent.

With primary industries, more affected by the vagaries of weather, competition and exchange rates, the accuracy will be even less. So until an initiative becomes a reality it is a nonsense for anyone to be quoting firm dollar figures.

A focusing question must be "why would any responsible person with their hands on the purse strings pay to extend Kempsey airstrip when there is a suitable, fully functional and underutilised aerodrome only half-an-hour’s drive away in Port Macquarie?"

Ross Holborow, Smithtown

Is bridge needed?

THE MAYOR Liz Campbell is especially pleased that council received $1 million to start the planning and design process for the long-awaited second bridge across the Macleay River.

The mayor adds the bridge would be a vital link for the community in accessing business and recreational areas.

Council's Delivery Plan 2016-2021 refers to 'Alternative bridge crossing for Kempsey’ with investigations showing that the capacity of the current bridge will be exceeded within a decade (it is not indicated whether these investigations were pre or post the bypass).

The Plan also indicates "Financing this project is beyond council resources at this time". (I suggest the $55 million will be out of the reach of our ratepayers, irrespective).

There is reference to previous studies and the economic value in respect to this project.

Has our community been consulted?

Has there been a traffic count carried out on Macleay Valley Way since 2013?

Incidentally, it takes me four minutes to travel to Smith St, and an additional three minutes to Elbow St (allowing for delays at each of the three traffic lights).

John Bowell OAM, South Kempsey

Jurassic bark lark

I DON’T know why the Environment Minister is so excited about an “insurance population” of the “Jurassic” Wollemi Pine (Argus, June 26).

The National Arboretum in Canberra has a flourishing plantation of the trees – including one named in honour of David Noble who first found the trees in the wild. And seedlings have been available to the public for some years, though they are hard to grow, even the Arboretum only had a 10 per cent success rate.

Philip Holberton

Lifting not shared

THE VILLAGE asked the chicken and the pig if they would contribute to the makings of egg and bacon sandwiches for the community. The chicken, cheered on by all the chickens from miles around, said “Sure, anything to help” … the pig on the other hand …

Think airport … think circuit training …

Dick Pearson, Secretary