Terry Frost books place in Bowler of the Year tournament

Terry Frost is the winner of the Bowler of the Month for August.

Terry Frost is the winner of the Bowler of the Month for August.

Terry Frost booked his place in the Bowler of the Year tournament after he finished first in the monthly competition and claimed the honours for August.

After the first game Terry Frost was in front by 13 pins closely followed by Sharon Van Eaton and Tim Gwyther 16 pins.

After the second game Sharon Van Eaton was in front by six pins closely followed by Terry Frost and Anne Cox 41 pins.

The third game Terry Frost continued his fine form to extend his lead to four pins ahead of Sharon Van Eaton and Tim Gwyther 25 pins.

High Games for the Men were Tim Gwyther 196, Martin Vandenberg 192 and Terry Frost 174.

High Games for the Ladies were Sharon Van Eaton 170, Anne Cox 153 and Fay Von Demleux 125.

Star Bowlers contesting the August event were: Terry Frost, Sharon Van Eaton, Tim Gwyther, Martin Vandenberg, Fay Von Demleux, Anne Cox, Gary Darke, George Ackerley and Gertrud Frost.

Players play three games with their respective handicap to determine the winner.

The winner will play at the end of the year for Bowler of the Year 2018

  • January winner was Martin Vandenberg
  • February winner was George Ackerley
  • March Winner was Nadine Secomb
  • April Winner was Damien Charry
  • May Winner was Terry Frost
  • June Winner was Darren Pietsch
  • July Winner was Nadine Secomb
  • August Winner was Terry Frost

Everyone is invited to participate in social bowling or join a league and try your hand at qualifying for Bowler of the Month and Year carnivals.

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