Graheme Martin secures shot of his life

There were quite a few good points to emerge from last week's Kempsey Veterans Golf Club October Monthly Medal stroke round.

However, there was one being adjudged a stand-out and rightfully so, yes, a brilliant approach shot by Graheme Martin on the ninth hole.

As usual on a Tuesday we do see many pars, a few birdies and maybe the odd eagle, but it was last week that Graheme, a former Club Champion until earlier this year, did achieve the ultimate.

So, believe me, it was he who scored an albatross, which in golfing terms is a 3-under par result on the long uphill par-5 hole. Really just two shots...amazing to say the least!

Graheme did not want to claim the honour, stating that the markers had been moved forward onto the front tee to reduce the distance some 60 metres - from the low 500's to the high 400's (so to speak).

The outburst by all fellow members soon convinced him otherwise. History had been made...02-10-2018 Graheme Martin albatross!

Now, a 7-under par 49 nett by Steve Cameron was another out of the ordinary performance in the 14-hole stroke event that drew a reduced field of 33 starters.

Just the money ($20 voucher) for this regular from down Lake Cathie way as he had been a previous Medal winner, so his travelling mate Stuart Aston sort of stole the show in C-grade.

Back to the albatross lineage, it can be revealed that Graheme did produce a par round of 56 that reduced to a 51 nett and he, too, had been a previous medal winner. Just pride and glory and a $20 voucher!

A good 54 nett by Paul McNamara saw him adorned with the A-grade medallion, whilst Robert Dykes' 53 nett snared him the B-grade double.

Ball winners for next best were Peter Hatton (51), Aston, Peter Mercer and Greg Mayhew (52), Jack Tolman (53), David Tolman, Terry Smith and Macca (54).

Putting prizes went to Martin (A) 20, Terry Hyland (B) 23 and Jack Tolman (C) 21

Almost forgot another what we can call a sensational (yes, the right word) moment which can be taken any which way (so to speak). For safety reasoning the actual doer shall remain anonymous: Playing the second hole this fellow signed off for a 7-over 11 score..."so what" one may say, but he only had the single putt. And this GI took it all in his stride!

Today's event is a 2-person Ambrose and tee-off is 9.30am daylight-saving time.